‘The Future of the church is in our hands’

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Your Church needs you! The future of the Church is in all our hands and we must all take responsibility for it.

The following is taken from the latest Deanery Synod leaflet – The future of the church is in our hands’.  The full document can be viewed/downloaded by clicking on the image.

The leaflet is produced by the Standing Committee of the House of Laity of the General Synod.


Deanery Synods are elected every three years.   The next elections at St John’s are on 30th April at our APCM

Do you, or does someone you know, have or have the potential to develop some of the following qualities?

A vision and passion for the wider Church to flourish

An ability to think and act strategically and to see the role of individual parishes within the bigger picture

A commitment to attending meetings of your Deanery Synod, working with others in prayer, listening and seeking God’s will for mission in your Deanery and beyond

A desire to engage constructively and challenge respectfully

A commitment to providing good communication between your parish and your Deanery

The dynamism and energy to take an active role in shaping the future

If so, why not stand for election to your Deanery Synod yourself? Or, why not encourage someone else to stand?


Requirements for Deanery Synod members

Everyone on a church electoral roll is entitled to vote for members of their local Deanery Synod.
So, if you’re not on your church electoral roll, why not sign up and have your say?

If you’re on your church electoral roll, you’re also able to stand for election to your local Deanery Synod – and your Diocesan Synod and General Synod.
Click here to download a Deanery Synod nomination form.
Another good reason to consider signing up if you’re not already on your church electoral roll!

It is important that your Deanery Synod is as representative as possible and broadly reflects the diversity of all the congregations in your Deanery – in terms of church tradition, gender, ethnic origin, age, experience and so on.

UK Minority Ethnic groups, younger people (those under 40!) and disabled people are particularly under-represented at present and would be really welcome.
Crucially, it is the lay members of your Deanery Synod that vote for the lay members of your Diocesan Synod and the General Synod. Elections to both take place in 2015, so the people who are elected to your Deanery Synod this year will have the future shape and complexion of the House of Laity of the General Synod in their hands!

So the people who elect them – you! – need to think carefully and prayerfully about who they elect.


Strategic Decisions are taken at Deanery Synod

Your Deanery Synod provides a vital structural bridge between parochial church councils (PCCs) and Diocesan Synods, bringing together clergy and lay people from neighbouring parishes to discuss issues relating to mission and ministry in your local area. Sometimes it will make a formal decision, sometimes by means of a vote and a local concern raised in your Deanery Synod could find its way onto an agenda for debate by your Diocesan Synod and even by the General Synod.

Your Deanery Synod is an important part of the structure and culture of the Church of England. Its meetings are concerned with seeking God’s will for the mission of the Church locally, so it needs to be Christ-centred, prayerful and open to the Spirit speaking through all.

It can take strategic decisions to advance local mission and ministry, but it also serves the witness and mission of the wider Church.
Potentially the work that Deanery Synods do at local level can help shape the Church at national level for years to come.

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